IT + Tech

The IT and tech sector is characterized by dynamic growth and short innovation cycles. Both have a significant impact on company’s M&A activities. At EUROCON we allocate IT-Professional-Service companies, software companies, IT-based business models as well as other professional-service companies to the IT + Tech sector.

One area of expertise at EUROCON are the partner networks of the global IT providers Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce and AWS.

In addition to M&A consulting, EUROCON has been active as a member of supervisory boards and sparring partner in the IT + Tech sector for decades. Moreover, the participation at important conferences and the development of own data bases contributes to an extensive industry know-how. Through our office in San Francisco we are located in one of the most important IT + Tech hotspot in the world. This keeps us very close to the latest developments in the industry.

Axel Schulz
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