More than 400 M&A- and financing projects

Nationally and internationally – for 25 years with passion for your success.

Expertise in selected industries

EUROCON provides special industry expertise in Construction, Food, GreenTech, Wholesale, IT + Tech, Health and Manufacturing. Follow the respective link to find a selection of successfully completed projects in each industry.

Our services

EUROCON has been a renown M&A advisor for more than 25 years. Our clients can rely on high commitment, negotiating skills and extensive experience including over 250 successful projects in M&A consulting.


EUROCON offers independent advise in national and international projects on corporate- and project financing and has developed and implemented over 150 financing concepts. We identify appropriate capital providers in our comprehensive network and ensure sustainable and individually tailored financing.

Our team

With experience, expertise and passion for your success

As experienced entrepreneurs we understand the company’s perspective and needs. Thus, only experienced entrepreneurs lead the project teams of competent consultants at EUROCON. In every project we cooperate with our clients with full commitment to achieve complete success.