Shareholding Microsoft Dynamics Partner

About our client

Since its foundation in 2000, proMX AG has evolved into one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics partners. proMX supports organizations in the implementation of Dynamics 365 and other related technologies. Moreover they also developed own IP for Dynamics 365.

About the project

In addition to the service business, proMX early relied on the development of its own IP. The development and marketing costs were financed entirely from cash flow. More capital was required for future developments and rapid market penetration. This required the right partner for joint activities.


  • M&A advisor sell-side – share-deal with options
  • Finding suitable potential investors
  • Development of shareholding structure


With IT Competence Group SE, a fast-growing IT service group, a new majority shareholder was found, which combines the advantages of a listed company with the virtues of individually managed units.

We had known EUROCON from conferences for a long time when we decided to start the project to find a suitable investor at short notice. Due to EUROCON’s special market knowledge we succeeded in finding the right partner and in strategically positioning the company for the future within a short period of time.

Peter Linke, Founder and CEO proMX AG
Axel Schulz
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