The construction industry is characterized by above-average growth. Yet over time we have seen that it also faces major challenges. We are currently observing an increasing concentration of companies taking place within the industry. This is the result of unresolved successions and an increasing digitalization in all areas of the construction industry. Moreover, many businesses along the value chain in the construction industry face the challenge of a shortage of skilled workers.

For over 15 years we have been focussing on the construction industry. We advise on successions in the construction industry, search for acquisition targets as part of buy-and-build strategies, coordinate company shareholdings and advise service companies on the sell-side within the construction industry. From the very beginning, one of our special focuses has been advising builder’s merchant businesses on successions as well as sell- and buy-side projects. We take full project responsibility and have already successfully advised in several multi-projects. In these large projects, we have integrated up to 10 independent buyers in a joint consortium of buyers.

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