The GreenTech sector is one of the most topical economic and social issues today. The industry is characterized by a high level of innovation, a great willingness of investors to invest and a strong regulatory framework. Often companies face high technological competition and a competitive race regarding market access. As a result, investments by financial investors, acquisitions by corporations and medium.sized companies and mergers happen daily.

25 years ago, we started to advise on growth strategies and shareholdings. Initially the focus was on the wind energy. Shortly after we extended our advisory activities within the GreenTech sector to water- and wastewater technology as well as raw materials and waste management. In 2006 we expanded our business activities once more and started to advise companies that work with hydrogen / fuel cells solutions.

We advise, for instance, companies with technological innovations that look for suitable investors and companies from the water treatment sector who want to strengthen their market position through a buy-and-build strategy. Moreover, we also advise entrepreneuers from the waste management sector, among others, who are looking for a successor despite interesting development opportunities.

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