Buy-Side Trading Company Buy-and-Build Strategy

About our client

Eurasia Statinvest GmbH is one of the most renowned holdings of internationally operating service and trading companies for import and brand distribution. Eurasia’s geographical focus is Asia and Europe.

About the project

Carstensen Import Export Handelsgesellschaft mbH, a subsidiary of Eurasia, was a trusted supplier of Stylex Schreibwaren GmbH for many years. Stylex is a leading supplier of office supplies in the German market but faced the problem that several shareholders did not have a successor. Eurasia was given the chance to acquire a stake from the company and thus to pursue their vertical business expansion. As part of Eurasia’s long-term buy-and-build strategy, EUROCON was asked to approach Stylex and to execute the acquisition.


  • Advisor buy-and-build strategy
  • Development of takeover concept and alternative pricing models
  • Coordination of due diligence and negotiations


The Stylex shareholder structure was complex and the ideas of the shareholders regarding their exit were very different. We worked out individual and multi-stage models for the acquisition of shares over a total period of seven years.

Thanks to EUROCON, we were able to successfully close the deal in a trustful way. This trust has developed into friendship.

Sönke Carstensen, Founder and CEO Eurasia Statinvest GmbH
Thomas Ewoldt
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