Investment- & Working Capital Financing MedTech

About our client

The company Söring GmbH was founded by Mr. Holger Söring in 1985 in a garage in Quickborn. They produce complex and highly innovative instruments and generators in the field of ultrasonic technology. These are used in ultrasound and high-frequency surgery in various medical, mainly operative fields. The company has subsidiaries in North and South America as well as in Eastern Europe and is represented by distribution partners in over 90 countries.

About the project

A few years after its foundation, EUROCON supported Söring in corporate financing and subsequently advised the company for many years on its strategy, both in product development and globalization.


  • Investment financing
  • Procurement of subsidies
  • Working capital financing
  • Reporting
  • Strengthening the economic equity base
  • Strategy development


The acquisition of a new manufacturing building, the payout of co-partners and the development of new product lines required financial resources. EUROCON took over the procurement of capital for the investments on a debt and equity basis and conducted negotiations with the involved and potential capital providers. In addition, subsidies were identified and integrated into the financing concept.

EUROCON has advised us for many years strategically and in the field of corporate financing. Without the active and solution-oriented consulting by EUROCON we would have not become a Hidden Champion.

Holger Söring, former Managing Partner Söring GmbH
Hans-Jürgen Rösler
+49 431 – 64 775 30