• Thomas Ewoldt
  • Hans-Jürgen Rösler
  • Axel Schulz
  • Holger Pfund
  • Ulrich Stelzer
  • Dr. Gerd-Rüdiger Steffen
  • Christoph Schulze
  • Claudia Krenz
  • Kristin Lewko
  • Beatrix Weishaupt
  • Lennart Kuhrt
  • Jonas Brunkhorst

Thomas Ewoldt
Managing Partner

Dipl.-Ing. (Engineering)
Dipl. Industrial Engineer

E-Mail: te@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence:

  • M&A-Consulting and Strategic Realignment
  • More than 25 years of experience as Consultant, Advisor and Member of Supervisory Boards
  • Wholesale, Machine and Plant Engineering, and Renewable Energies

For 15 years I am specialized on company acquisition & sale, company succession and strategy formation. In the years before I could build and expand my expertise in innovation consulting, corporate restructuring and equity financing. A variety which helps me nowadays to get a good overall understanding of every single client. Every project has its own high requirements - there is no fixed scheme. It is my job to bring the different demands of a project in a reasonable concept and a useful solution.

I am married with 2 children, I am highly interested in Oldtimer, and I enjoy the country life.

Hans-Jürgen Rösler
Managing Partner

Financial Business Manager
Dipl.-Business Administrator

E-Mail: roe@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence:

  • Company Funding and Strategic Realignment
  • More than 25 years of experience as Entrepreneur, Consultant, Advisor and Member of Supervisory Boards
  • Retail, Food Industry, Medical Engineering, Health Care, Tool and Machine Construction

For over 10 years I am specialized on strategic realignment, corporate funding, restructuring, efficiency increase as well as company succession. Next to a thoroughly analysis, I place importance on a target-oriented, successful realization. Less concept and strategy papers for more results. I gained my first consulting experience for medium-sized companies in a management function in a savings bank, Sparkasse. After and during my studies in Business Administration, I could expand my know-how as a consultant for company start-ups, company restructuring, and equity financing. The basis for a holistic and constantly solution-oriented understanding of the highly distinct requirements of our clients and your financing partners is created by the diverse experience of many projects.

I am married with 4 children and I enjoy cooking for family and friends.

Axel Schulz
Managing Partner

Dipl.-Business Administrator

E-Mail: as@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence

  • M&A Consulting and Strategic Realignment
  • 20 years of international experience as Entrepreneur, Consultant and Member of Supervisory Boards
  • IT-, Industry- and Logistics Companies

Based on my 20 years of experience as entrepreneur, consultant and member of supervisory boards, I am focused on M&A consulting. Each project is as individual as the company and the people, who are involved. The success of a project depends besides the methodology especially on the cooperation of the people. To lead this collaboration with methodological expertise to success, is what distinguishes good consulting - both nationally and internationally.

I am a family dad with 2 children and I like to travel (not only for the job). My running gear is always with me and in winter times also my skis.

Holger Pfund
Senior Consultant

B.A. (hons, UK) (FH)

E-Mail: hp@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence:

  • M&A Consulting and Strategic Realignment
  • More than 20 years of experience as a Manager in international, medium-sized companies in Germany, England and USA as well as Partner of a Financial Service Company
  • Healthcare , Wholesale and International Companies

With many years of professional experience as CEO / CFO and the experience as an advisor of SMEs, I bring along all the skills and competencies for a successful implementation - even for the most complex M&A projects. Besides my profound knowledge in company valuation and financing, I have the necessary tact and sensitivity to incorporate every participant of the process. My good communication and negotiating skills as well as my structured procedure are also a benefit at this.

I am married with 5 children and I am a passionate Skier.

Ulrich Stelzer
Senior Consultant

Dipl.-Business Administrator

E-Mail: us@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence

  • Strategic Realignment
  • Over 30 years experience in Management Positions in an international group and as a Managing Partner of a medium-sized company
  • Wholesale and IT Service Companies, Food Industry

In my professional life I was able to gather a lot of experience in many projects and challenging business situations to the successful sale of the company to an American group. For many years I am a voluntary commercial judge and I know how important a good preparation and a clear objective in business is. In my work I place the greatest importance on a concrete and successful implementation of our projects.

I am married with 2 children and I enjoy cooking and sailing.

Dr. Gerd-Rüdiger Steffen
Senior Consultant

Dipl. Economist

E-Mail: grs@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence

  • Scientific work and teaching at Penn State University (USA) and at CAU Kiel
  • 20 years in several ministries of the state Schleswig-Holstein
  • Manager of the MBG (Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Middle-class Holding Company) for 20 years and Manager of the Bürgschaftsbank Schleswig Holstein for 6 years
  • 4 years Member of the Directors‘ Board of the Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften (BVK, Federal Association of German Capital Investment Companies)

I retired in November 2016 and associated myself with Eurocon at the start of 2017. With that I associate the hope, that I can utilize and bring in my diverse professional experience and competence in financing, restructuring, foundation and succession topics for medium-sized companies.

I am married with 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. If there’s time left and the body plays along, I enjoy doing Sports.

Christoph Schulze
Senior Consultant

Dipl.-Business Administrator

E-Mail: cs@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence

  • Top-Manager and General Manager in international machine and plant engineering for 20 years
  • Managing Partner in a consulting company for crisis and realignment for 15 years

I see my task in being an attendant of the company over time. It begins long before the buying and selling process and ends long after. I rather like to understand, how the company performs, which customers it serves, how the market is changing and which factors determine success. Furthermore, I like to get to know the makers oft he success as well as their motives.
The success of every transaction is made by the acting people. That requires a faithful and thorough preparation. Additionally, there needs to be a professional and forward-looking, if requested discrete, execution. Together we shape the success of the transaction.

I am married with three kids of two marriages and live with my family in Osnabrück, from where I work. I am a long-distance runner, nature lover and hunter.

Claudia Krenz
Office Management

Office Administrator
Management Assistant

E-Mail: ck@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence:

  • Education at a tax consulting company
  • Assistant in Facility Management at a large chip manufacturer

Since 2004 I am part of the EUROCON team. I support the management in daily operations and in the timely and economical execution of all necessary tasks. In addition to my various administrative activities I am the contact person for all internal and external affairs. Furthermore I coordinate and organize appointments, trips and events.

I like to travel, relax with yoga and enjoy spending time with my Family.

Kristin Lewko
Senior Consultant

Business Graduate (FH)
Industrial Management Assistant

E-Mail: kl@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence:

  • Sale and Marketing Assistant in a well-known brewery
  • Audit Assistant in a large auditing company

Since 2009 I am part of the EUROCON team and was involved at this time on numerous projects from all sectors. My areas of responsibility include the preparation of business plans and corporate exposés as well as market and competition analyses. My broad-based education and work experience provide the ideal background. The need to constantly adapt to new businesses, industries and people is what makes my job so appealing.

I am married with 2 children, who keep me on the run. If there’s some time left, I like to do sports and relax while reading.

Beatrix Weishaupt

E-Mail: bw@eurocon.de


  • Assistant to the management in a special consulting company for the chimney sweeping trade
  • Commercial assistant with a manufacturer of armored vehicles and tower systems

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been working for EUROCON and have been accompanying Mrs. Krenz in her daily operations. This mainly includes monthly accounting, post processing, telephone calls and various administrative tasks. In this way, I will gladly support a smooth process in the daily business.

I like to do excursions with my family and love to find time for my hobbies (weaving, sewing, woodworking, playing the guitar).

Lennart Kuhrt

Business Administration (M.Sc.)

E-Mail: lk@eurocon.de


  • Working experience from a Software- (Göteborg) and a start-up company (Berlin)
  • Multiple years of international experience (Sweden and USA)

Since 2017 I am part of EUROCON where I was involved in many projects in various business segments. In these projects, my tasks include the direct approach of potential investors, the creation of business plans and detailed analysis as well as consulting activities within M&A, corporate finance and the strategic realignment of a company.
The core focus of my work lies within the industries IT-, construction, health care and renewable energy. My previous experience in the start-up industry helps me to look at companies from different angles in order to analyse them. Furthermore, my current projects help me to expand my interest and my know-how.

I like to exercise as well as spending time with my family and friends.

Jonas Brunkhorst


IT Management Assistant

E-Mail: jb@eurocon.de

Experience / Competence:

  • Working experience in campaign management, as well as sales controlling in the banking industry
  • Certificated IT Management Assistant

Since the beginning of 2020 I am part of the EUROCON team while I am studying at the University of Applied Sciences Kiel in business administration. My task at EUROCON is to support the managing partners in current topics and projects. In doing so I am able to apply and further develop my experience in the interface work of an IT Management Assistant as well as my knowledge of campaign management in a target-oriented way.


I like riding my motorbike, doing sports and enjoying the beautiful beaches of Kiel.