As M&A consultants, EUROCON provides you with an experience from more than 150 projects either on the Buy as well as on the Sell-side.

Selling a company is a complex issue, buyer and seller have to agree at the end. The overall deal structure has to fit - not just the price.

Investors are either players in the respective industry, so-called strategic investors, or private equity investors. In addition, family offices become more and more important. We consult many clients by implementing their buy-and-build strategy. A transaction is very often one of the most important decisions in life with far-reaching implications for the future.

We are pleased to evaluate the success probability for selling your company – strictly confidential, of course.

Many transactions fail due to a lack of experience. M&A projects require the right strategy fit, a consistent overall concept as well as experienced negotiation skills.

We know these success factors and are pleased to support you - individually for your purposes.

We consult you on the overall process, including research, meetings, all the way through to the Signing of a successful deal.

We have the experience in:

  • Buy-Side and Sell-side
  • Corporate Finance
  • Buy-and-Build-Strategy

Company Funding

Reasons for company funding are diverse. Not just in growing companies, primarily the liquidity needs to be proper. Mostly new investments or the entry in new markets cause a further need for capital.

Due to exterior influences or even own omission, sometimes companies can get into an existential crisis. Consequently they need to act fast and professional without losing sight of the future.

The factor of success for companies in tough situations, e.g. caused by opinion differences of the associates, changes of the previous success factors, changes of the customer needs, reduction of equity or even struggle with liquidity, is communication and taking corrective actions early enough.

Due to numerous projects, we gained experience over two decades and now, we know exactly, what to do. Within our corporate finance consulting, we stick to a suitable mixture of various financing options and financing partners. At that we also use instruments as e.g. bond loan, factoring, sale and lease-back, acquisition of assets.

We know, how interesting a company from the sight of the loan-giving bank or equity giver is and therefore we will find the optimal financing variant.

For many years we have a broad and reliable financing partners network on all levels of Company Finance.

  • Working Capital Finance
  • Growth Finance
  • Investment Finance
  • Transaction Finance
  • Associate Change
  • Refinancing & Rescheduling
  • Finance of a Restructuring
  • Subsidies
  • Acquisition of Assets

Strategic Realignment

In many business models, companies are liable to a more or less necessary process of change. At least partly, they need to critically question the previous development and how to set the direction for the future of the company.

Repeatedly we note, that the burden of the daily business, the previous success as well as the missing sparring partners on eye level sophisticate or block the sight for necessary adjustments.

Special challenges as well as chances for almost all companies are not just expected due to the internet and the next industrial Revolution "Industry 4.0". It happens right now - whether companies approve it or not.

We are convinced, that brave and prospective entrepreneurial acting enables companies to survive and to use significant potential.

Every company development requires a smart strategic determination. In the beginning of almost every single of our far more than 400 projects in M&A, Company Funding and Strategic Realignment there is a developing of a future strategy.

Broad experience, personal commitment, a high level of identification, and a well arranged toolbox help you with the development and implementation of your strategy for a successful future.    

  • Strategy Workshop
  • Restructuring & Turnaround
  • Efficiency Increase
  • Cost Savings
  • Liquidity Improvement
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Process Optimization