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Building Materials

Company Sale

We sold a majority stake of our international company group to a bigger company in our branch, although I have not reached the age (mid-forties) to retire yet. But our buyer, a big family company, is even more strongly positioned, which gives me or rather us, despite the participation, the opportunity to keep growing individually, independently and under our own brand. As the Managing Director, I will furthermore be responsible for 'my old company group', solely under a bigger roof. For this reason, I personally kept my minority stake with pleasure. Surely, you do not find such a constellation and opportunity very often. The current big success of both companies also gives the concept its economical reason for existence.

Eurocon already consulted us with an accurate buyer in the preselection and was significantly involved in the purchase negotiations until the very end. I liked the professional processing of the facts and figures as well as the reasonable presentation/visualization of the company potential. I experienced a competent consulting and support. Eurocon worked on a success basis; that made the decision for a commissioning easier for us and in the end it was fair for every participant. Despite – or perhaps because of – that, Eurocon committed itself completely to the project and our company.

U.M., Managing Partner of a medium-sized company in the Construction Sector, with several subsidiaries abroad


Business Succession

Suddenly I was a heritage of a company. The business was healthy and profitable, but I have had no experience in managing. So I learned the ropes of this managing topic, however with the clear perception to manage the company merely on an interim basis and sell it as soon as possible. A friend of mine, who already was consulted by Eurocon, recommended the consulting company to us.

After two extensive dialogues, in which the exact procedure was talked through and all our questions were answered, we commissioned Eurocon. They found a buyer, who understood the philosophy of our father. After four months we could pass the company into good hands.

Y.H., Writer and Company Share Heritage


Company Sale

As a divisional director in an international industrial Company I was responsible for the logistics and thereby for more than 2.000 employees. Through an acquisition 20 years ago, a subsidiary belonged to our division, which did not really fit in with our logistics nor our company group. So we tried to sell the subsidiary on our own.

However, we found out, that we did not really know this branch and did not had the time to become acquainted with company sales. Under the direction of Eurocon we found a suitable buyer and could focus on our core business again.

Dr. L.K., Divisional Director and Managing Director of Several Subsidiaries



As a wholesale company with approx. 700 employees, our margins are traditionally under pressure. It was our intention to access into a new product segment and reach a certain size through a Buy-and-Build-Strategy. Eurocon consulted us from 2005 until 2014 as well as scouted and identified

interesting companies in the market, and then attended the buying process. In this time period, with the support from Eurocon, we bought 8 companies.

H.P., Managing Director of a Subsidiary of a European Company Group

Machine and Plant Engineering

Company Acquisition

As the European market leader in our segment it is our goal to lead all relevant technology sections and to extend and enhance our portfolio. We want to reach this goal with a mixture of organic growth and in-house developments on the one side as well as strategic company acquisitions on the other side. As a member of the executive board with the area of competence in corporate development, I hired Eurocon to consult us on an acquisition of an interesting tech-company.

Due to the structure of the company, the project challenged the M&A consulting in a temporal and functional regard. Eurocon was significantly involved in the realization of the acquisition. We were deeply contented with the professional support and the quality of the work – especially the personal commitment was highly impressive.

C.D., Member of Executive Board

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